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Natural Jade Stones Gua Sha Scraper Guasha Face Lifting Devices Rose Quartz Gouache Massager Facial Neck Back Body Massage Tools

Natural Jade Stones Gua Sha Scraper Guasha Face Lifting Devices Rose Quartz Gouache Massager Facial Neck Back Body Massage Tools

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Brand Name: JBMBHC

Origin: Mainland China

Power Source: None

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Size: 1.5mm

Name 1: face massage

Name 2: facial massager

Name 3: face massage roller

Name 4: face massage stone

Name 6: v facial lifting massager

Name 7: facial massager electric

Name 8: facial lifting massager

Name 9: guasha massage

Name 11: guasha massage for face

Name 12: facial massage roller guasha

Name 13: guasha scraping massage tools

Name 14: massage stone guasha

Name 16: gua sha jade

Name 17: gua sha tool

Name 18: gua sha scraper

Name 21: guasha board

Name 22: guasha stone

Name 24: gua sha rose quartz

Name 25: guasha massager

Name 27: guasha facial

Name 28: masajeador facial guasha

Function 2: Wrinkle Remover

Natural Jade Guasha Stone Board Gua Sha Scraper Massager for Face Rose Quartz Gua Sha Plate ABS Plastic Body Face Massage Roller

Gusha Board Description:
Guasha is a traditional disease prevention and treatment of non-drug-free natural health therapy.
By stimulating the body's related meridians, acupuncture points, Guasha can promote blood circulation, clear the meridians, clear away body's extra heat and toxin, nourish and strengthen your stomach, thus enhance the body's immune function.
Our Scraping Board is made up of natural jade, it's cold and healing spirits. Jade is a product of nature. It absorbs many mineral elements such as iron, manganese, zinc and nickel in nature.
When people constantly contact and touch with jades, these elements will gradually penetrate into human body, thus one can absorb those scarce mineral elements that can not ingested in his or her normal diet, achieving the purpose of improving immunity.

Name: Heart Shape Guasha Scraping Board
Material: 100% Pure Natural Rose Quartz
Size: 8x5cm
Net weight: 45-50g

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